Kim R. Versloot, M.A.

For twenty plus years, the guiding principles of Hakomi have been the foundational framework from which I work as a therapist and live as a human being.  Hakomi has also deepened the therapeutic process for me and my clients; it supports a mindful and compassionate exploration of the patterns, beliefs, and behaviours that get in the way of living your most fulfilling life.  Together we can unpack the historical ways you have organized your experiences and support the organic unfolding of more satisfying ways of being in this world.  In addition to body-centered psychotherapy, my work is also informed by developmental psychology, as well as attachment and polyvagal theory.
I have been in private practice in Slave Lake and Wabasca since 2000, providing psychological services to folks from northern Alberta.  I work individually with adults, children, adolescents and their families, as well as with couples for a variety of different reasons, including but not limited to: the resolution of trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, stress management, relationship issues, and personal growth.  I approach my work in a culturally sensitive and trauma informed manner.  Healing happens together within the therapeutic relationship and individually within the client themselves.

Office:  305, 2nd Street NE, Slave Lake, AB  T0G 2A2
Phone:  (780) 849-4885