Contrasting Shame & Guilt: An Exploration Through the Hakomi Method

Online, Saturday & Sunday, May 27 – 28, 2023 with Magi Cooper


Cedar Barstow, in her book Right Use of Power, the Heart of Ethics 10th Anniversary Edition, describes shame thusly; “Shame is defined as a deeply disturbing, painful and irredeemable feeling of badness, disgrace, incompetence, unloveablness, indecency, or blame-worthiness.”


Although most of us have used the words “shame” and “guilt” interchangeably, in this interactive workshop we will explore the profound differences between these two emotions. Through a combination of lecture, discussion, self-study, and experiential exercises we will learn to recognize shame, understand its effects, learn how to respond, and deactivate shame both in our self and in others.


So, bring your curiosity, enthusiasm, open heart, and open mind as we delve into this primary, though under acknowledged emotion. This workshop is open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike. The program also qualifies as a prerequisite introductory workshop for the Hakomi Institute of Edmonton Hakomi Professional Training beginning September 2024.


Format: Online

Hours: 9:30 – 4:30

Cost: $400 / $350 + GST (standard / student, BIPOC, NPOs)



Magi Cooper is a Certified Hakomi Trainer and Therapist in private practice.