Meena Ramaswamy, MC, Registered Psychologist, CHT

I approach my client’s challenges with warmth, compassion, and curiosity. In therapy we explore the barriers that hold you back from having the life you desire. My focus is to guide you towards a deeper level of change. We do this by exploring the patterns keeping you stuck, beliefs that limit you, and thoughts that cause you distress. Often these patterns are rooted in the past. With awareness, we can heal the past and change our beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours and make choices that move us towards wellness and satisfaction in life. I specialize in helping clients encountering relationship difficulties through an attachment lens.I specialize in mindfulness and somatic therapies. Personally, I have practised mindfulness meditation for 20 years. I use mindfulness as the foundation of my work with clients. It is an effective tool to build self-awareness, reduce anxiety, manage stress, and live a more satisfied life. I am a Faculty Member of City University and teach and supervise graduate students and provisional psychologists entering the field of counselling.

Phone: (780) 306-1970 (Text or Call)