Susann Friederike Von Meijenfeldt, RSW, CPCC

Susann is a certified Hakomi therapist and Hakomi teacher. She has been trained with
the European Hakomi Institute and has furthered her Hakomi and RCS (Recreation of
Self/Jon Eisman) training in Canada and U.S. She also trained in a variety of other holistic and trauma therapy methods, amongst which Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine)), Trauma to Dharma (Manuela Mischke-Reeds) HeartMath (Heart Math-Trainer and Resilience Coach), Contemplative approaches (Tara Brach, Contemplative Psychology, Self-Compassion, Focusing), Rhythm and Regulation (Deb Dana), Attachment Focused EMDR (Laurel Parnell), and IFS Coaching (Internal Family Systems). Together with her husband Ernst, she is also the co-founder – of the Immediate Shift method, a neuroscientific and heart-oriented approach to building deep resilience.

Susann integrates the deep well of her resources and experience as well as her own
deep journey of healing and becoming, into her unique blend of holistic process-
oriented work, adjusting to the individual clients’ needs, wishes and goals. The combination of her cutting-edge methods is rooted in the orientation, that all
knowledge, growth and healing emerges from within the client. Her own 21 years of
Insight meditation practice contributes to Susann’s embodiment of a deeper heart
space. From there she deeply listens and offers a sensitive, loving and kind presence.
This “loving presence” creates a safe, nurturing, and freeing environment for discovery,
growth and healing in the client to occur naturally.Susann is bringing her services to individuals, couples, and groups/teams, and offers
mentoring/consulting and supervision.

“What I love most about Hakomi is the safe, organic and playful curiosity of how we
gently explore together core beliefs and the conditioned inner voices that are in the way
of authentic and truly fulfilled living. From there a natural unfolding happens. To see
people blossom is a deep joy for me.”
Susann is also a teacher within a 2021 Trauma-sensitive HeartMath Certification online
program called “The Resilient Heart”, which can be accessed at: heartmath-certification/

Practices at “Compassionate Counselling”
10086 80 Avenue, Edmonton T6E 1T4
Phone: 780-914-6399 (Susann also works internationally over Zoom or RemotEMDR)