Dennis Brown, Ph.D., R.Psych., CHT

Phone: 780-441-9844

If you are looking for something different than the standard talk, talk, talk
therapy, then perhaps you are ready to try a more mindful, body-centered
approach. There are so many different methods, but Hakomi Mindful Somatic
Psychotherapy has stood the test of time for more than 40+ years.

Hello! My name is Dennis Brown. I have been a Registered Psychologist for
more than 25 years, a Certified Hakomi Therapist since 2005, and a
Hakomi Teacher for the past decade. During these years, I have provided a
variety of services to individuals, couples, and families ranging from a one-
session, one-person consultation to multiple sessions with one or more persons
in a consultation, therapy, or coaching format.

I am particularly interested in helping people during the unexpected, usually
unwanted, times of life change and transition that we all experience. Whether
it be an individual, marital, family, or work group problem, I believe that no
crisis should be wasted, and that the challenge is how, to use the old cliché,
“to turn the lemons life throws at us into lemonade.” To put it another way,
the challenge is to find a way that doesn’t leave us bitter, but instead enables
us to enjoy the sweetness of life, or at least be better able to tolerate the bitter-
sweetness of life. This often means first learning how to make sense of the
difficult, painful, often overwhelming emotions that accompany unwanted
change, and then learning how to use these feelings skillfully to outgrow old
limiting beliefs and to develop and implement more useful perspectives and
behaviours instead – perspectives and behaviours that enable us to cope more
effectively, even thrive, in our new reality.

My areas of particular interest are:
· Individual counselling or therapy, particularly for those with symptoms
of anxiety, depression, burnout, or trauma.
· Marital or relationship counselling or therapy.
· Family counselling or therapy where there is a family member with mild
to moderately severe symptoms of anxiety, depression, or impulse
· People who are experiencing a felt sense of dis-ease in their life, but
cannot quite discern why.
· People who want to take their current level of functioning to an even
more effective level.

My office is located at #109, 10411 122 St. NW, Edmonton, Alberta, and my phone number is 780-441-9844.