Using Mindfulness to Deepen Our Clinical Work: Introduction to the Hakomi Method

Friday & Saturday, February 16th & 17th, 2018
9:00am – 4:30pm
Edmonton, Alberta

with Pamela Thompson

“With mindfulness, we are learning to observe in a new way,
with balance and a powerful dis-identification.” ― Jack Kornfield

Our clients come to us with their own stories and belief systems (core beliefs) about who they are. Sometimes these core beliefs can be limiting or faulty. These faulty belief systems are part of what can limit our clients from feeling more fully engaged and in control of their adult lives. These limiting beliefs are often unconscious and part of the implicit memory system that can unknowingly have a powerful impact on how our clients perceive themselves and the world in which they live.

Hakomi is a Somatic Psychotherapy that uses guided self-study through mindfulness to access the memory system where our most fundamental and wide-reaching core beliefs are held. We come to help our clients understand how they hold patterns in their bodies as well as in their emotional being. When studied in mindfulness, these limiting core beliefs are made more conscious. Clients can gain understanding that the limiting beliefs they have developed about who they are and/or how the world is in relation to them were actually their own creative solutions to life’s struggles. With skills that allow for missing experiences and an opportunity to challenge some of these core beliefs clients can begin to renegotiate their roles with other and with the outside world.

In this workshop we will explore:
• the benefits of mindfulness and somatic processes to our clinical practice;
• the use of Mindfulness to help our clients study the body’s story through advanced contact and tracking skills;
• the use of Mindfulness to help our clients deepen into the body, emotions and memory, to move through a deepening process into unconscious core beliefs;
• the formation of core beliefs and the use of mindfulness to support clients in the transformation of limiting belief systems.

There will be an emphasis on developing skills that you can take away
to use immediately with your clients.

About the Facilitator

Taught by Pamela Thompson, Registered Psychologist and Certified Hakomi Therapist. Pamela has been in private practice for over 15 years; has been an instructor at the graduate level for those entering the field of psychology; and has provided years of supervision to both practicum students and provisional psychologists. Pamela is a teacher for the Hakomi Institute, the realization of a long time goal, and has many years of working with the Hakomi methods.