Tania Jacobs, M.Ed.

Tania Jacobs graduated with her Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology from the University of Alberta in 2008. Since that time Tania has worked as a Registered Psychologist in private practice seeing individual adults and children for therapy, and has also worked in the francophone school system doing psychoeducational assessments. She is currently taking referrals for individual adult clients dealing with issues such as depression/ anxiety, relationship difficulties, life transitions, grief/loss, family of origin issues, addictions, and other journeys of personal growth and healing. Beginning in January 2016, Tania will also be taking referrals for child/play therapy.

Tania states “Hakomi has allowed me to solidify and dramatically deepen my instinctual way of working with clients, which is based on the belief that everyone has within them the ingredients and wisdom for their own healing. I love the way that Hakomi allows clients to find the most natural access route to their core beliefs and the areas that most need to be healed, and then offers a corrective experience within the context of a warm and caring therapeutic relationship. Hakomi helps clients uncover their strengths and resources and to cultivate a more gentle approach to and awareness of their areas of weakness. The Hakomi training was a phenomenal opportunity for my own personal growth and it is my great honour to be able to support and walk this path with my clients.”

Tania is married and the mother of two small children. Motherhood has given her a greater appreciation for the intense challenges and rewards of parenting. She also loves reading, yoga, and outdoor activities including running, cycling, hiking, camping, and skiing.

Phone: 587.937.2663
Email: tania@joiedevivrepsychology.ca
Website: www.joiedevivrepsychology.ca