Rosalyn Fung, M.Sc.

Rosalyn is a Self-Love life and business coach who loves helping women entrepreneurs  & practitioners unleash their Inner Wonder Woman in life and business.

Having a background as a former Registered Psychologist for the last 11 years in private practice, holding a  2nd degree blackbelt in karate, and having been trained by top business coaches, she knows what it takes to develop a mindset to successfully achieve your goals in life and business.

Rosalyn is now is a coach to other psychologists, therapists, coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, spiritual healers, leaders, and anyone in the heart-based service industry. She helps you get out of your own way while implementing business strategies and systems to abundantly help you attract more ideal clients, increase your wealth, while creating deep, positive impact in others’ lives.

Rosalyn works virtually and/or in person with clients.

Phone: 780.716.4812