R-CS Advanced Tutorial with Jon Eisman

May 24, 25 & 26, 2019
Edmonton, Alberta

Friday & Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm, Sunday: 9 am – 1 pm


R-CS Advanced Tutorial:

A Three Day Follow-up Workshop

with Jon Eisman

For Graduates of R-CS Intensive Trainings

Developed over the past 30 years by world renowned therapist and teacher Jon Eisman, The Re-Creation of the Self (R-CS) Model of Human Systems is both a comprehensive map of the inner Self, and a powerful, paradigm-challenging method for effecting client change. Grounded in mindfulness and somatic awareness, R-CS seeks not to resolve the content of client distress, but to shift immediately the state of consciousness in which the distress is held. A direct and experiential method, R-CS offers practitioners of all sorts a mind-opening opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of their present work.

Sharpen Your Skills and Deepen your Understanding of R-CS:

Through review, demo and practice exercises, this workshop will help you to:

  • Re-connect with fellow students and ask questions arising from your practice of R-CS
  • Review the R-CS Model, Clinical Framework, Existential Absolutes and Therapist Roles
  • Explore the skills of embodying the Organic Self, R-CS Integration & Autoshifting
  • Celebrate of your innate resources and re-embody your own inviolable & already existing expansive, core sense of Self as a therapist and as a person

$550 Regular Rate
$500 (Students & Non-Profit Organizations)


JON EISMAN, the creator of The Re-Creation of the Self model, is the originator of Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches (M.E.T.A.), both a synthesis of therapeutic modalities and a clinical collective in Portland, OR (www.meta-trainings.com) He is also a founding member of the international Hakomi Institute, Co-Director of The Hakomi Institute of California, a Sr. Hakomi Trainer, and the author of numerous articles and Hakomi & R-CS training manuals, For the past 35 years, Jon has practiced and taught workshops and trainings throughout the world. Widely acclaimed both for his teaching expertise and for the aliveness he inspires in his groups, Jon lives with his family in Boise, ID.