Joanna Shandro, M.Ed.

Having been in private practice for 20+ years, Joanna is a “well seasoned” therapist. She works from a holistic, body-centered perspective and has gathered many process “tools” over the years that will support your unfolding and healing journey. Joanna currently works exclusively with individual adults experiencing some kind of “stuckness” in their lives. She has a special interest in Non-Dual Wisdom teachings, Spiritual Awakening, and the evolution of consciousness.

Office: #301 ROOTS ON WHYTE, 8135 – 102 Street, Edmonton, AB
Phone: 780 922-4267

Joanna writes: “Hakomi is a powerful, yet gentle way to invite the unfolding of a person’s inner world. The self-awareness acquired through the use of mindfulness creates an opportunity for self-mastery.”