Jane Wiley, M.Ed.

“I love Hakomi because it supports a deeper level of connection to our beliefs, needs, wounds and relationship patterns. By connecting at a deeper level of experience, Hakomi supports the transformation that we all long for. Training in Hakomi has been a life-altering experience for me – it is compassionate, curious and embodied-in-the-moment.”

Jane has a Master’s degree in Education Psychology (Counselling) from the U of A and she works with children, adolescents, couples and families dealing with complex issues and mental health challenges.

Jane has completed specialized training in attachment, parenting, play therapy, and has studied trauma, and RCS with Jon Eisman’s META Institute in Oregon. She has completed numerous residential Insight (Mindfulness) Meditation retreats and has a daily meditation practice. She is eclectic in her use of a number of different approaches to best support her clients.

Office: Cloverdale Professional Group
9407 – 98 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6C 2C8
Phone: 587-521-3601
Web: www.janewiley.ca
Email: jane@janewiley.ca