Grace Unfolding: An Online Introduction to the Hakomi Method

Friday, September 10, 2:30 to 5:30 pm

Saturday, September 11, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm (2-hour lunch break)

Sunday, September 12, 9:30 am to 1:30 pm


With Susann Von Meijenfeldt

Registration fee: $330

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“For listening to the stories of others…is a kind of water that breaks the fever of our isolation. If we listen closely enough, we are soothed into remembering our common name.” Mark Nepo

Hakomi is a body-mind-spirit centered psychotherapy and assisted self-study. It integrates the levels of being and doing into our work with clients. This method trusts the organic unfolding within the clients when the right circumstances are created. Hakomi mindfulness techniques explore subtle somatic cues and access implicit memory through the body.

Hakomi cultivates a deep presence in the therapist, that transmits compassion and embodied listening. Through this approach we earn the cooperation of the unconsciousness. A flow comes into our work that is unique to this method.

The gentleness of Hakomi and the seamless unfolding of the process, make Hakomi sessions safe, rich, playful, and alive. Information of what was before unknown to us, covered, split off, or protected becomes more available. Change occurs naturally from the inside out and we support that change in an embodied way.

In this workshop we will learn and explore together:

  • The foundational principles of Hakomi: organicity, unity, non-violence, mind-body holism, mindfulness,
  • The therapist seat: grounded in loving presence and trusting the organic unfolding; shifting from doing and controlling to being and allowing…,
  • Multi-leveled listening, that helps the client feel truly seen, felt, and understood; “from story to story-teller”,
  • Tracking and contacting signs of unconscious core material showing through in the present experience,
  • The use of mindfulness to explore inner material: how we organize our inner and outer world,
  • Learning the experiential attitude, which is essential to the method, and first little experiments to explore core issues that underlie our habitual behaviors and challenges.

The workshop will be a mix of lecture, practice exercises in dyads and triads in break out rooms, demo, group exercises, and Q and A.

Your participation will meet the partial requirements to apply for the 2-year Hakomi Comprehensive training beginning in January 2022. This workshop can also stand on its own for professional development with basic elements of the method that you can apply immediately with your clients.

Taught by Susann von Meijenfeldt, RSW, CPCC, registered Social Worker and certified Hakomi Therapist and Teacher.  She has 22 years of experience in the counselling field, in non-profit agencies and in private practice. She offers individual and couple sessions as well as mentoring and consulting/supervision. Susann has trained extensively in holistic, heart- and body-oriented approaches, amongst which Recreation of Self, HeartMath, Contemplative approaches, Co-active Coaching, Somatic Experiencing, and Attachment Focused EMDR.